I'm Chantal van der Voort, 

Undecided what to become, I decided to go to the social care sector in high school. At that young age it was still hard to make a decision. I was thinking about making games or being a kindergarten teacher. I was told making games might be too hard for me so I chose for the other option. Enjoying my social care study I decided to focus on becoming an elementary teacher and continued studying social care in college. After my two year study was about to end, I still wasn't too sure if this was really what I wanted and decided to try the field with computers. 

When I started the study IT Management and learned about security, hardware and other things, I figured out I didn't know as much about computers as I thought I did. We learned all kind of things include a little Java. This is when and where I figured out that I enjoy programming and that it wasn't that hard for me either. My old dream of maybe making games came up once again, 'since I enjoy programming and games, why not program games?' Even though I've been told in the past that it would be hard on me, I didn't want to give up before trying.

I started programming a bit in my own free time. I made two mini flash games with ActionScript 2.0 and coded a few JavaScript based NPCs for a game of a friend. Also did I start a Java course on codecademy, but with my many hobbies and interests I ended up not finishing it. 


Other than games I really love anime. I love going to anime conventions in cosplay and collect anime objects. I like to write stories but because of my many ideas I ended up with a lot of unfinished stories. I enjoy listening to music and like quite a lot of different genres. I like the age of the sword and really enjoy movies with samurai and kung fu. I love katanas and possess one for decoration. 

I'm someone who likes challenges and loves learning new things. I hate to give up and leave things unfinished. Also I dislike making people wait for me or being late at an appointment. I'm usually very patient but sometimes I'm totally not, for example when I'm really excited for something. 

My dream is to become a skilled programmer and maybe one day work on an MMO with a great team. However, most of all I want to do what I enjoy and enjoy what I'm doing.

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