Mystery Chronicles

This project is for my final exam at Deltion college.

Comming soon...

Reggie, his cousin, two scientist and most likely the end of the world

Reggie is the project I worked on during my internship at Degoma. While I worked here for half a year, I've only worked on a really small part of the game.

My main role was game developer, of which mainly the level-map, but I also helped with level design of two levels, the first cutscene, helping with promoting the game at events and take notes, and a few small art changes.

Dungeon Escape

Escape the dungeon by jumping up and choosing the correct door. However, if you enter a wrong door you can return to the start. There is no way of knowing which door to take from the start so it all depends on luck and memory! How fast will you be able to escape?

Created: March 2017

Party Snake, A Gift for a Queen

Snake is an old game most of us surely know, but while the game play is the same, this version is a little different. The player has to collect presents which follow the player. You have to avoid hitting a wall and tripping over your many presents. Also there's a bad guy who tries to steal them. How many presents will you be able to collect?

Created: November 2016

Neko's Dream

Neko is a cat that wants to fly. He runs off of a cliff and hopes to stay in the air as long as possible. He collects coins by each attempt. With the coins he can buy upgrades to help him fly longer. Will Neko be able to fly?

Created: October 2015

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